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(Un)Ethical Decision-Making: What Causes It, and Can It Be Prevented?

Day 1 - Concurrent Session 3 - Track 3
15 Sep 2020
15:30 - 16:20
Day 1 - Concurrent Session 3 - Track 3

(Un)Ethical Decision-Making: What Causes It, and Can It Be Prevented?

Level: Intermediate

Most organizations provide ethics training, but does it make a difference?  Is it just “checking a box” or does it actually change behaviors?

Often, ethics training focuses on case studies and examples of organizations that made unethical decisions that lead to fraud or scandal. But we already know the outcome…and therefore we also know the right answer.  We aren’t learning how to evaluate situations and prevent them—we are only examining specific scenarios and their failures.  For ethics training to drive positive behavior, it must teach ethical decision-making skills. It requires understanding subconscious influences, significance of context, power of language, framing of issues and causes of ethical blindness.

This session will explain why corporate ethics training must go beyond informing employees of laws and organizational policies and instead focus on equipping employees with the skills to make sound ethical decisions. 


  • Understand the decision-making process

  • Examine why people behave unethically

  • Understand the significance of context and the forms of context influencing decisions

  • Learn how issue framing creates distortion and ethical blindness

  • Examine how an organization’s “language” influences and drives behaviors

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