IIA Canada National Conference - Call for Presentations deadline January 29, 2021 4:00 pm EST

Making Sense of Disruption for Internal Audit

Day 2 - Concurrent Session 7 - Track 1

Making Sense of Disruption for Internal Audit

Level: Intermediate

The presentation will provide perspective on the global megatrends and what these mean for internal audit.  We will provide definition of the internal audit megatrends – the IA Megas as we have affectionately termed them – and what they mean for the internal audit vision in 2020 and beyond.  These IA megas of virtualization, trust, risk convergence and human agility will help internal audit leaders progress their functions, remaining relevant as the world transforms around us.

The presentation will:

  • Introduce the IA Megatrends (IA Megas)

  • Provide definition of the trends

  • Explore what they are and why have they come about

  • Identify how they will impact internal audit

The session will also discuss how to future proof internal audit through practical steps aligned with the IA megas – steps that will allow us to be ready to strech our horizons, adapt, innovate and transform, and ensure internal audit remains relevant to survive as global trends continue to disrupt.

Track 1 – Leadership & Innovation Sponsored by AuditBoard