Calgary TELUS Convention Centre - September 13 - 16, 2020

Leveraging Data Analytics in Internal Audit

17 Sep 2019
11:00 - 11:50

Leveraging Data Analytics in Internal Audit

Level: Intermediate. 

During this session you will learn how to use Data Analytics to increase internal audit effectiveness, identify opportunities to analyze various data sources leading to powerful insights and resulting in improved decision making. These objectives will be demonstrated by reviewing various Data Analytic techniques and scenarios which will include real world client examples and applications with demos using ACL Analytics and other tools such as Tableau.

After this session you will understand how to:

  • Create automated processes to eliminate routine manual analysis and increase internal audit effectiveness;
  • Learn how to use and translate data into a “story” about key characteristics, past trends, or control failures;
  • Obtaining sources of data and validating that they can be used to achieve objectives;
  • Combine different data sources to increase opportunities for driving management insight; and
  • Create data visualization dashboards to provide meaningful trends and insights to senior management.