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Influencing without Power – Creating Collaborative Change

Day 1 - Concurrent Session 4 - Track 1
15 Sep 2020
16:25 - 17:15
Day 1 - Concurrent Session 4 - Track 1

Influencing without Power – Creating Collaborative Change

Level: Basic

Auditors are task-oriented beings. We get stuff done. Lost in the effort is our impact on customers. The relationship is often viewed as a transaction – we ask – they give. Unfortunately, we lose a valuable opportunity with this method. The customer is less likely to approach us with a problem they are facing, ask for advice, or include us in initiatives, all of which diminishes opportunities to add value.  There is value in creating long-lasting and meaningful customer relationships that transcend individual audits and projects.  Dan will share real-life stories of significant issues that were mitigated because trusting customer relationships had been established. 

In this highly interactive session, attendees will learn about the CREATE model for building healthy and long-lasting customer relationships.  

  • Developing Customer Commitment

  • Demonstrating Respect

  • Employing Empathy

  • Being Authentic

  • Establishing Trust

  • Understanding Expectations

Participants will leave with three immediate “go-do’s” that will transform customer engagement.

Session Interactivity Level: High

  • Live Polling

  • Q&A Throughout

  • Incentives for Attendee Participation

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