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Auditing What Matters Most: Getting Climate Smart in a Changing Environment

Day 1 - Concurrent Session 2 - Track 2
27 Jan 2021
13:20 - 14:10
Day 1 - Concurrent Session 2 - Track 2

Auditing What Matters Most: Getting Climate Smart in a Changing Environment

Level: Intermediate

Corporations now face a growing array of threats (and opportunities) to their core business and to their shareholders’ investments brought about by numerous manifestations of climate change and need for sustainability. These changes include change in legislation, government plans, supply chain disruptions, voluntary reporting and peer pressures. At the same time, investors are increasingly concerned about climate change and its risks, and they are stepping up calls for corporate oversight and action.

Auditors have a critical role to play especially reviewing and assessing the broader governance framework and management actions on climate change and sustainability. Auditors should be proactive in order to address this critical risk and secure their organizations’ best interests over the long term. In this session explore the growing need for climate change and sustainability, associated challenges and opportunities, and recommendations to optimize your organizations.
In this presentation, participants will:

  • Learn how the evolution of climate change and sustainability has changed the risks and opportunities for businesses and its impact on the business value chain.
  • Learn how the regulations, litigations and voluntary efforts concerning the impacts of climate change are evolving. 
  • Consider the broad governance structure, role of boards and management actions for climate-change oversight. 
  • Assess the Financial outcome, Operational, Compliance and Reputation Risks emerging in this changing environment.

Track 2 – Environmental Health & Safety/Energy Sector Sponsored by PwC