Calgary TELUS Convention Centre - September 13 - 16, 2020

Auditing Culture: Frameworks and Proven Techniques

17 Sep 2019
10:00 - 10:50

Auditing Culture: Frameworks and Proven Techniques

Our stakeholders want assurance their culture is sound and guidance on how to improve it. How can we meet this challenge?

This session will go beyond theory by presenting actual frameworks and audit tools being used today for auditing culture:

– Prudential’s framework and approach for auditing risk culture

– KPMG’s risk culture framework and sample survey statements, as well as how Euroclear used it for an entity-wide cultural survey

– The University of Minnesota’s employee survey used on every audit, with a section on the results in every audit report (not a comprehensive culture audit but a good starting point for those just starting)

– A structured interview guide used to determine whether a “culture of compliance” exists throughout the organization

– Data metrics that give perspective on the culture and can be used to support auditors’ observations or as a dashboard for internal audit, executives and the board to monitor the culture

The session will also emphasize that every technique being used (surveys, interviews, auditors’ observations, workshops) is imperfect. To succeed in this realm, internal auditors need to apply a variety of techniques and make it clear to our stakeholders that our goal is to enrich their understanding of the organization’s culture over time, not to give a “point in time” assessment of the culture as a whole.