IIA Canada National Conference - September 14 - 16, 2020

Achieving 20/20 Vision

Day 2 - Concurrent Session 5 - Track 1
15 Sep 2020
11:25 - 12:15
Day 2 - Concurrent Session 5 - Track 1

Achieving 20/20 Vision

Level: Intermediate

Starting with a quick reality check and polling of the audience the presentation will establish a baseline on current audit state and predicted future state (i.e. auditor functions could become obsolete if change doesn’t occur; speed of technology is rapid; emerging risks are escalating; organizations have become more risk mature; whitepapers point to the need of an agile auditor). Acknowledging that achieving 20/20 vision is not easy with demands on resources and reduced funding, the session presenters will openly share their experiences and address participants questions/challenges in creating a dynamic audit approach and a resilient audit team to support achievement of the 20/20 vision that is expected/demanded by our stakeholders.  Participants will walk away with ideas, tools, and techniques that they can take back and share with their own audit organization. The two implicit areas of focus that will be explored in the presentation are:

  1. Establishing a Dynamic Audit Approach:
    • Throwing the traditional Audit Program out
    • Keeping what matters
    • Evaluating go/no-go stage gates
    • Knowing your risks  
  1. Building a Resilient Audit Team:
    • Addressing barriers to attract the right candidate
    • Selling the role, and establishing expectations
    • Creatively resourcing for optimum capability
    • Building diversity of skill sets
    • Creating succession planning