IIA Canada National Conference 2023

5.5 Emotional Intelligence in Internal Audit

05 Oct 2023
10:15 – 11:05

5.5 Emotional Intelligence in Internal Audit

Level: Intermediate / intermédiaire

The objective of the presentation on ‘Emotional Intelligence in Internal Audit’ is to assist internal auditors in improving their effectiveness with others by enhancing their emotional intelligence. The proposed session will be an efficient way of providing internal auditors with an overview of the ideas and tools they need to enhance their professional interactions. It will also highlight consistency of skills among different types of internal audit teams, as all internal auditors share the same basic need to connect with their own emotions as well as with others, whether it be stakeholders or other internal auditors. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to understand the current work environment in which internal auditors’ organizations operate and to identify best practices and strategies that would allow them to leverage their emotional intelligence to support efficiency, mental health and resilience.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the communication style of others and tailor communications to reach mutually-beneficial goals;
  • Ask open-ended questions and improve listening skills to uncover information needed to conduct effective audits;
  • Use empathy and emotional intelligence to build engagement (with both teams and clients);
  • Identify opportunities and challenges in working in a multi-generational workplace; and
  • Build self-awareness of strengths, limitations and blind spots, and develop tools to respond effectively to emotionally charged situations and difficult conversations.

This presentation will also stress the importance of cooperation, inclusivity and mental health and their positive impact on the work environment and overall retention of internal audit employees.