IIA Canada National Conference 2022

5.2 Internal Audit . . Innovate or Die!

17 Oct 2022
13:15 - 14:05

5.2 Internal Audit . . Innovate or Die!

Level: Intermediate 

No doubt the traditional audit approach is about to die!

Honestly, if you would have to assess and give an audit opinion on the traditional audit approach, would you rate it as  “Satisfactory” or “Efficient”? What about the Auditee and the Audit Committee?

As internal auditors, we should be the first to incorporate innovation in our work and address the following questions:

  • Where will value be coming from in internal audit?
  • Why should we change our approach?
  • Who will be the leaders of innovation?
  • What about the Standards?
  • How can go out of the traditional box?

Through this inspiring conference, you will get innovative ideas to step out of the traditional internal audit box . . . or die!

“A day of creativity will do more than a month of hard work!”