IIA Canada National Conference 2023

4.6 Sharpened Focus: AI let’s your diverse data speak

05 Oct 2023
11:15 – 12:05

4.6 Sharpened Focus: AI let’s your diverse data speak

Level: Intermediate

Major advancements in AI systems are letting the data speak for itself, showing you the path to risk, anomalies, and potential fraud. The future of a common ADA and continuous monitoring platform, used across the three lines, isn’t a fantasy. It’s here today and smarter than ever before, with capabilities to reconcile, link, match, and assess risks across systems and processes. This session will demistify AI, see it in action and be able to understand how bringing diversity of talent, data, and technology will help produce more impactful audits with less reliance on skilled resources along – do more with less.
In this session, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how far AI systems have come to support a more agile approach to the second and third lines of defense.
  • Take home a framework to plan an AI implementation for agile planning, risk assessment, and building a new level of assurance.
  • Learn how to increase efficiencies in audit and continuous monitoring while increasing effectiveness of work effort. Updated 1/4/23
  • Ask experts in rolling out AI systems and hear feedback directly from a progressive leader.