IIA Canada National Conference 2023

3.7 Data Analytics for All Auditors

05 Oct 2023
13:15 – 14:05

3.7 Data Analytics for All Auditors

Level:  Basic

Audit managers and leadership who want their small audit shops to be able to perform analytics often rely on external consultants, that generally lack expertise in their organization and limit the value that can be added from an internal audit perspective. Therefore, if small audit shops want to make data analytics a core part of their methodology, rather than just saving it for specific audits or types of audit work, it is important that all auditors have a baseline knowledge of what data analytics are, how they can be integrated into all audits, simple techniques to be leveraged, and working through common pitfalls.

This session will help both auditors who work in small teams and managers/first-line leaders in small teams to seek how they can develop their auditors to integrate analytics into audit work, as more and more focus is placed on the use of data, and to drive more valuable internal audit work. I will focus primarily on the practical and operational implications of data analytics for day-to-day audits specifically from a small team perspective, and as such this session will be valuable to those who work in small teams without specialized resources committed to data analytics work.