IIA Canada National Conference 2023

1.7 Modernizing Audit Departments: Lessons Learned from Implementation

05 Oct 2023
13:15 – 14:05

1.7 Modernizing Audit Departments: Lessons Learned from Implementation

Level: Intermediate

 The application of innovative practices within internal audit departments offers an opportunity to continuously improve their value within the organization. By leveraging these innovations, such as cutting-edge audit technologies, revamped audit methodologies, adapted risk priorities, and tailored stakeholder expectations, internal audit can realize improvements in their operational efficiency, data analytics, and overall audit quality.

However, the pursuit of innovation through the adoption of new audit technologies presents formidable challenges that organizations must confront head-on to ensure successful implementation. Embarking on department transformations can encounter challenges that can impede on the realization of anticipated benefits. These challenges encompass technological complexities, change management considerations, resistance to new approaches, and a lack of alignment between innovation initiatives and organizational goals.

In this presentation, we will explore methods and opportunities that Internal Audit departments can do to manage the implementation. The discussion will include examples of successes and challenges of at various stages of the implementation process as they apply to different types of improvements to an audit department.

By sharing practical strategies and lessons learned, this presentation aims to equip Internal Audit leaders with the knowledge and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of innovation implementation and harness its transformative potential.