IIA Canada National Conference 2022

1.4 Organizational Audit of Your ESG Maturity

18 Oct 2022
10:30 - 11:20

1.4 Organizational Audit of Your ESG Maturity

Level: Basic

Within this presentation, we’ll cover the following aspects of organization ESG maturity audits: 

  1. Strategic focus to global trends influencing audit requirements. 
  2. Alignment between strategy, risk management and internal audit. 
  3. Internal audit taking a leadership role to build awareness of ESG risks and opportunities with the board of directors. 
  4. Knowing the key aspects of assessing needed data, including data integrity. 
  5. Understanding stakeholders – including which stakeholders are most important and how this impacts internal audit’s scope. 
  6. Applying materiality through the lens of auditing to align with corporate strategy. 
  7. Having the right skills to deliver on various ESG topics. 
  8. Interpreting maturity assessment for long-term ESG roadmap – building a long-term internal audit vision.